Blood Test without Referral Australia

iScreen is a private pathology laboratory based in Australia that offers blood tests without a referral from a healthcare provider. This means that individuals can order blood tests directly from iScreen’s website and have their blood drawn at one of iScreen’s partner collection centres, without needing to see a doctor or obtain a referral.

To order a blood test from iScreen, individuals simply select the test they want from the company’s website and pay for it online. They then visit one of iScreen’s partner collection centres, where a trained phlebotomist will take their blood sample. The sample is then sent to iScreen’s laboratory for analysis, and the results are typically available within a few days.

While iScreen’s service can be convenient for people who want to take control of their own health monitoring, it is important to note that blood tests should be interpreted by a qualified healthcare provider who can provide guidance on what the results mean and any necessary next steps. Additionally, some medical conditions may require a more comprehensive evaluation beyond the scope of a single blood test.

Adrenal Stress Check
Advanced DUTCH Check
Advanced Thyroid Check
Allergy Check
Autoimmune Check
B Vitamins Check
B12 & Folate Check
Blood Chemistry Check
Blood Type Check
Bone Health Check
Bowel Screen Check
Cholesterol Check
Chronic Fatigue Check
Coeliac Check
Coeliac HLA typing
Copper to Zinc Ratio
Cortisol Awakening Response
Cytokine Check
Diabetes (HbA1c) Check
Endurance + Nutrition Check
Endurance Check
Endurance Check – Female
Essential Fatty Acids Check
Essential Fitness Check
Essential Health Check
Female Hormone Check
Fertility Check
Food Intolerance Check
Full Blood Count
Gut Health Check
Gut Inflammation Check
Haematinics Check
Hair Loss Check (female)
Hair Loss Check (male)
Hair Mineral Analysis
Heavy Metals Check
Helicobacter Pylori Check
Histamine Check
Homocysteine Check
IGF-1 Check
Immunocap ISAC Check
Inflammation Check
Insulin Resistance Check
Iodine Check (24hr)
Iodine Check (random)
Iron Check
Kidney Check
Lifestyle Check
Lipoprotein Particle Check
Liver Function Check
Lyme Disease – Western Blot
Lyme Disease Check
Male Hormone Check
Measles Immunity Check
Menopause Check
Metabolic Balance Panel
Nutrition Assessment
Nutrition Check
Nutrition Teleconsult
Organic Acids Check
Ovarian Reserve Check
Ovulation Check
Oxidised LDL Check
Pancreatic Check
Parasite PCR Check
PCOS Check
Pregnancy Check
Reverse T3 Check
Science Training Check
Semen Check
Sleep Hormone Check
Sports Hormone Check
Testosterone Check
Thyroid Antibodies Check
Thyroid Check
Thyroid Cofactors Check
Toxic Metals Check (urine)
Urine Check
Vaginal Microbiome Check
Vitamin B12 Check
Vitamin D Check
Well Man Check
Well Woman Check
Zonulin Check