What happened to Neways International Products?

Are you trying to find the OLD Neways products that you loved?

If you are, then you may be interested to know what happened to the line of  ORIGINAL Neways products. The products that you loved and trusted so much. I would love to share with you the information I found that is being kept a secret many people dont know the full story. I discovered Products that are now popular in Australia and New Zealand and have been since 2017. That is when the New Zealand Warehouse was set up. They are manufactured in a special manufacturing facility in the USA and made available to use in Australia and New Zealand.

They are developed based on the best of science and nature using the latest science. 100% toxin free and safe for you and your family.  If you loved these products and are looking for these formulations because you enjoyed the power of the ingredients and the high quality results the products achieved then please contact met.

Which products did you love? I really loved the ORIGINAL Neways products before they were changed and many disappeared….


If you liked Neways’ Health Care and Wholistic Foods: 

  • Orachel Plus
  • Revenol
  • Cascading Revenol
  • Prostate health
  • Feroxin
  • Maximol
  • Green Qui
  • Endau
  • Ming Dynasty try

If you liked Neways’ Dental Care:

  • Ultrashine Toothpaste
  • Eliminator Mouthwash

If you liked Neways’ Hair Care: 

  • Exuberance Conditioner
  • Silken Shampoo
  • 2nd Chance Shampoo
  • 2nd Chance Conditioner

If you liked Neways’s Skin Care:

  • Biomist
  • Skin Enhancer
  • Facial Cleanser

If you liked Neways’ Personal Care (Bath and Body)

  • Refresh Bath and Shower Gel
  • Close Shaving Gel

If you liked Neways’ Home Care:

  • Newbrite Laundry Powder Concentrate
  • NewBrite Dishwashing Liquid Concentrate

Would you like to know?  Please contact me. I can’t share this information publicly online.  I loved Neways products in 2006 and was very excited to discover a new range of products that was being KEPT a BIG SECRET!!

For more information please contact Katie +61 422 538 801 (Melbourne)  or email [email protected]

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    “Exuberance Conditioner”
    “Silken Shampoo”
    “2nd Chance Shampoo”
    “2nd Chance Conditioner”
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    “Refresh Bath and Shower Gel”
    “Close Shaving Gel”
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